Colley Asset Management, Inc.
was founded in 1994 to serve a select number of wealthy families and sophisticated investors. The firm was founded on the premises that performance and personal service really do matter.

Built on a foundation of trust, the investment strategies of Colley Asset Management, Inc. are time-tested, tailored to the client, and highly successful.

The formula is simple: solid, reliable results which are tailored to fit the client and the circumstances. Managing wealth and growing your assets is a complex undertaking, and we are up to the challenge. We are proactive about providing advice and assertive about taking actions which benefit the client. After-tax results, retirement, and estate planning are all part of the equation.

Paramount to our investment philosophy is a fiduciary orientation steeped in smart diversification, intelligent risk and reward balance, and principal preservation techniques which include stop loss tools and high quality standards. Our analysis goes well beyond the singular dimension of investments.